I mostly love bugs but this week I was a little mad at them..
New York is full of bugs and my legs are covered and I spray off every day so I  don't get bed bugs and I got bit by a wasp/ant/black bee/horse fly thing as I was knocking on someone's door and there are fruit flies all over our apartment but... I LOVE IT! :) The sting was pretty cool too' my arm started to swell and was pretty big... haha!! You gotta love the bugs! Also it is August and we finally hit a high of 85 here in New York :) I love it!!

What a week... :) Man, Missionary work is the life! :)
We saw Tracey and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she really wants to be baptized. She said "Every time you girls come. I feel something. I just see in your eyes and you really believe and that this really has changed your lives and so I know it could really change mine" She feels the spirit so strong she is amazing. She just really wants to make sure she knows that it is true before she commits to anything. She is amazing. :)

We have started to teach many new people. I am finding that so many are searching for more light and knowledge they just don't always know where to go but they are searching so they let us in. Sometimes they don't accept our message right away but I know that there will be a day where they will accept it.

CARLENA!! She is so prepared!! We went to young women's this week and it was only non members there! It was crazy!! So we got some one on one time with lots of amazing girls and Carlena was there so we got to teach her. She is so ready to be baptized we just have to get her confidence in herself up. :)

We started teaching Amy's mom Hope. She is amazing and I love her a lot! She has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! She is such an amazing women!!
Biggest miracle of the week....
BRITTANY--So Brittany is one of Sonny and Courtney's friends and we asked Sonny and Courtney for referrals and they send us to Brittany. She wants to be baptized so we set her to be baptized on August 19. She is so prepared. We met her and gave her a Book of Mormon Wednesday, she has been praying to know its true since then. She came to church on Sunday and told us she has read the first 22 chapters!!!!!! She is amazing!! She is so excited to join this church! She knows that it is true!! So... I LOVE Brittany. I am so grateful that she was placed in our lives.
We then started teaching this guy named Brent, he is hilarious and he is pretty interested but we kept telling him the things we believe and he was like.. Oh I don't believe that I am Catholic... dude... EVERYONE who is Christian believes that Christ was not actually born on Christmas. Then he said "well yeah but Christ did that forever ago when he was alive in like 1800 BC" ... sir ... do you know what B.C. stands for?
Us: "Have you ever heard of Joseph Smith?"
Him: "Yeah I know a lot about him, I have watched South Park"
haha! Some of the things people say to us! It was a great lesson! He actually does want to learn though!! :) SO that is good!!
SHAYLA!!! She was a big miracle too! So we decided to tract this street and no one was home or answering and the houses were really far apart and there was one last house but it was really far down the road but we decided to go because we knew we were prompted we walked up and they are outside so we asked the mom if they would be interested in hearing about Christ and she says no. She is an atheist and no one at her house would want to hear either.  Then her 17 yr old daughter says "I am a Christian and I would want to learn!!" Her mom gave her permission and she ran outside to sit with us! We had a great lesson and she is so prepared she wants to do all she can to follow Christ and I really admire her bravery despite her family being against it.

We got to see Jo and Kirk again! They are the college students!! They are amazing and it was such a great experience!! They really want to know if this is true! We talked about everything yesterday and as we were talking they realized how important this really was to us and how  much it really would change their lives. It was amazing!!
I love Massena! :)
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister DeVries

Zoey and Drew are getting married!!


 Best Surprise Of my LIFE

THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING! So.. I hope that I can explain it well enough so that you can tell just how amazing it really was.
First off, I'll talk about our investigators and the progress that was made this week! :)
Alicia-- We knocked on her door and she let us right in. She is so amazing and has visited Utah and had a Book of Mormon already. We are excited to help her learn more :) It was cool to see though that seeds are being planted a long time ago and that there are so many people prepared!

Kim-- has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and writing so many notes she is great and she really wants to know that this is true. She has been praying every night! I really admire how much people are thirsting for the truth up here in Massena. :)

Sonny and Courtney-- The Elders are going to be teaching them now because they moved into their area! But we are definitely going to still be involved and they are so excited to be baptized!!! :) We also might be bridesmaids soo I'm pretty pumped because I've missed almost all my friends weddings so my chances of doing that in life are pretty much shot! :)haha!

Tina and Phoenix-- we tracted into them a while ago and they said for us to come back! Tina's Phoenix's mom and she has always been interested in learning about our faith but didn't want to force her son into anything and then her son actually asked if we could share a message with him. They are amazing!! They are reading the Book of Mormon as bedtime stories! :) We are so excited to continue helping them! :)
Matt and Tracey--They are doing so well! We had the most powerful lesson with them this week. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and they just felt so much of God's love as we talked about it. Matt has lots of questions, and faith and believing have always been hard for him but he is starting to and willing too. It's amazing how  much the Book of Mormon can change our hearts. God wants us to find the truth and He will not keep us from it.
ERNIE!!!!!! We tracted into him and he was not interested he is wicken. We didn't give up there though and asked him what made him decide to join that religion. He said that it was the closest thing he could find to his native roots. WELL.. PERFECT! We have something for you to read that will help you find the faith that your native roots belonged too!! He is eating up the Book of Mormon now and is really excited to pray and know for himself that it is true. He also is wanting to be baptized by immersion in the way Christ was, so we invited him to be baptized right there. He is so prepared. It's amazing how much the Lord prepares people and how much a little persistence goes a long way.
Alright funny story and then we will end with my favorite news of all---
So we were tracting and we talked with this lady about how God has helped us and then she says "IN DOG I TRUST. 'Nuff Said, goodbye" I felt so bad but I just bust up laughing right there it was the funniest thing I had heard all day!! Man I love the responses you get sometimes!! :)
Now my favorite news, so we were shampooing our carpets when all the sudden we get a call from the New Hartford Sisters. I was like "what in the world. Why would they be calling us?" Well we answer and they said "Sister DeVries, we want to talk with you. How are you doing?" " Good! Why?" "Good well do you know who is getting baptized this weekend" "The BENSONS??" "Yes, Josh is getting baptized on Friday at 3:30. Do you know where you will be on Friday?" We were going to be at Return and Report a Trainers and Trainee meeting in Utica!  **At this point I am just crying and telling them how excited I am for them when all the sudden they say "We talked with President and we want you to stay for Josh's Baptism, and could you give a talk on Baptism?" I was just bawling and I couldn't really control myself I was sooo excited for Josh!! It was a great experience. :) Then when Friday came I was so excited! Sister Anderson and I both got to be there and when they Benson's came into the Relief Society room we turned around and looked up at them and then Gabe came running up to us and gave us both a hug and then I got to hug Aida and Jaidan,  I was just sobbing. Their family has changed my life and it was so exciting to see Josh decided to be baptized. I know that he is going to change lives. Their family is such a strength to me and they definitely are going to be the result of many others receiving this gospel. :)Being reunited with them was the closest I have felt out here to being reunited with family! I love them so much.
I know that this gospel is true! I am so grateful for it and for the Priesthood. I have felt the power of the Priesthood so many times this week as I have received Priesthood Blessings and as I have watch sacred ordinances like Baptism and the Sacrament. This church is true. It has God's original authority on the earth I know that because I have felt it. I am so grateful that God has found me a worthy vessel in bringing so many people to the knowledge of this gospel. Each of them has changed my life and I am so excited to see many more change my life as I continue serving the Lord.

Sister Bailey DeVries:)


 Stupid Sleek and Shine

So.... both Sister Halversen and I are sometimes dumb... but I am going to share my favorite Sister Halversen moment. I still laugh about this... but she would kill me if she knew that I shared it... so I will embarrass myself as well to balance it out.

So Sister Halversen was looking at her hair and said "AUGH! IT'S SO SHINY I HATE IT!" and she had been complaining about how shiny her hair was for a while then I say... "Well... you do use Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner" Then..... the biggest look of sudden realization and shock and surprise cross her face and then she says. "Oh my gosh, I have been using that shampoo for 7 years!!!" hahaha!! Best moment of my life! Needless to say, we bought her a new shampoo today! :) It was the funniest moment ever!!

Then... we had protein powder because... well we moved into an Elders apartment and I was like... I think I will make me a protein shake. I start to drink the shake and said in my head "Ew...how do guys eat this. It tastes like pancake batter" Well... later this week Sister Halversen was looking the cupboard and pulled out the protein powder and smelt it then tried a little and said "This isn't protein powder. It's flour" .. Then from the other room, I say "That's why it tasted like pancakes!" haha! She is still making fun of me for it. and... I'm sure you guys will now too!

haha! Man ... I hope you guys enjoyed that! :)

This week was amazing! We have been having the best time here in Massena! :)
We picked up a new investigator named CARMELLO.. he is from Puerto Rico and he is looking for peace and comfort with the loss of all of his loved ones. He also wants to heal from his past. It really hit me this week that it does NOT matter who you are, THE GOSPEL CAN SOLVE ANY PROBLEM and it can heal ALL hearts. :) It was so amazing to help him out.

We started teaching this mom named Hilary! She is really trying to find a church for her kids to attend! she is amazing and we are excited to help her out! :)

COURTNEY & SONNY! Are still doing amazing! They are on date to be baptized on August 29th and they are going to pray about getting married before that!! WE are SOOO excited for them! They are really wanting to change their lives!! They came to church this week too and it was soo great! We also were able to start teaching their friend Cheyenne and man she is one of the elect. She is soooo prepared. I love her so much and she really needs this :)

Amy is also doing really well. She had family come in town this week so we haven't been able to see her a lot but she is still amazing. :)

We had an amazing lesson with Matt and Tracey on the the Book of Mormon and church and the Word of Wisdom. They just had so many questions but it was a really spiritual lesson. It was so amazing. They are really wanting to know if this is true. We are so excited for their family! :)

We started teaching a lady named Kim. She met with missionaries 10 years ago and she still remembers their names because she says that they changed her life. Her kids even remember them and say that they really helped them make good decisions in their youth. It is really cool to see that 10 years down the road the difference you make in the short months you spend with a family can have an eternal life impact. :) It was amazing to be with them.

Last miracle. We tracted A LOT this week... just to keep finding those people and we knocked on a door yesterday and a guy opens and looks down at our copies of The Book of Mormon and says.. "Hey look at that. Just the Book I am looking for" He had just ordered one a few hours earlier and we showed up on his porch and gave him the book.

I love being a missionary. I get to personally see God's hand effect the lives of those around me every day and I know that I cannot ever deny God after the experiences I have had out here!

Love you all! have a great week!

Sister DeVries


"But.. you know what you can take to your grave..."

"But...you know what you can take to your grave..."


Man, I love the people of Massena! They are just the sweetest! haha! It is kinda crazy some of their ideas... I swear it's a whole other world up here in North Country but I love it! That was just one of the great things that we heard this week!

So Sister Halverson and I have been doing so well. She is doing great and she is an excellent missionary so it is a blast to be with her we just laugh all day long! So it is also super fun to be with her because it rains A LOT here and she always gets SO excited when it starts to rain. It is hilarious! :) But, it keeps us positive. She is amazing! :)

SO this week was insane!! We had the best week ever!  We found 11 new investigators to start teaching which is the most people I have ever found in a week and we are teaching LOTS of couples now so that is really cool!! :) I'll just give you some background on everyone!!

Joel-- a really intellectual guy with lots of questions about the church. We start teaching the restoration and we get to prophets and he says.. so where does Joseph Smith fit in and then he also had questions about the temple. He is really cool we just have to learn how to keep him focused on the right thing!

Sonny & Courtney and baby Landon-- so we found Sonny and Courtney Oyming... we just talked to them as they were loading up baby Landon in the car. They are amazing. :)  They have taken the lessons before but now they really want to start taking them so that they can change their families lives. We are seriously so excited for their cute family!

Stiles family-- they are a PM family the youngest Sariah is not baptized yet so we have been teaching her and Zach her brother the lessons. I LOVE their family! They came to church this Sunday and as they walked in we just got so excited and Sariah runs in and says "we pinky promised" :) I LOVE THEIR FAMILY!! We are so excited to get them all ready for her baptism.

Virginia- She is a recent convert and she is currently the door greeter and she is the FUNNIEST THING ever!! I love her a lot!! It was raining really hard and she said "If it keeps raining like this.. I'll just build me an arc and get to church" She is just the sweetest thing!!

We were tracting one day for a little bit and we tracted into this guy named JORDAN! He was so prepared and we taught him right there on his doorstep!

We found Coorleen, she is a 94-year-old lady who wants to know everything she can about God before she meets him. She is amazing! We are so excited for her! :)

Goodrich family! They let us right in and they weren't interested in learning more but they let us share a message and answer their questions. It was a huge tender mercy though because they reminded me so much of Mom and Dad and then their friends came who were TOTALLY Yvonne and Travis! haha!! It was cool!!

Jonathon-- is a dad that is trying to do the best to help his son. He has hated religion most his life but felt like he needed to give us a chance :)

Amy!!! She is now preparing to get baptized with her daughter Amarianna!! They are the sweetest thing!!! They are so prepared and want to change their lives. They came to church this Sunday and the Branch just loved them!! It was great!

Tracey and Matt--- cute couple who wants to know where to raise their kids!! :) They are super interested too!!

Jo, Bryan and Kirk---That was the coolest experience they are all our age and they are just curious about all religion. Jo is from Greece and she is studying here in NY and Bryan and Kirk are roommates and they are just trying to figure out their life as well. We had the coolest experience with them last night. We found this apartment complex in the middle of nowhere and their door was so hidden but they were so prepared it was so cool. They were ready to learn more about the gospel and they really wanted to find answers and get a good basis for their life. By the end of the lesson, we were all in tears. It was amazing. :)

WE have seen SOOO many miracles this week and we are soo excited to really help those in this area grow!! I love you all so much!! I hope that you have a great week!!!!!


We saw Canada last week. It was exciting but not as exciting as we made it out to be we set expectations WAY to high! haha! :)

ALSO!!! We get Canada products at our Walmarts and there is this thing called WOW!butter! IT IS AMAZING!!! It is fake peanut butter and it is my favorite thing since I'm allergic to nuts.. so now I eat it all the time! :) THANK YOU, CANADA!



Hello, my friends!!

I love New York so much!! This week was crazy! So I left Fayetteville and Sister Christensen and that was really hard. But I know that those people are in good hands. I am so excited for them and all the miracles that are about to happen there!!  I am now in Massena. I drove in Wednesday and picked up my new companion SISTER HALVERSON! She is from Mapleton, UT and she makes short films and we are practically best friends. I love her so much!! It has been a blast to serve with her already! also.. she totally came pre trained. She is amazing!! :) WE are just killing it here in Massena! It is great! She is doing really well too. I am so excited for all the miracles!! I'll tell you a few!

So we get to Massena after the 4-hour drive through the beautiful country land and we pull up to our apartments... they were less than exciting on the outside but they look great on the inside so that is good. :) We then go out tracting and finding and we found so many people that first day! The funniest moment though was I was telling her that sometimes people have two doors that you have to open and someone had a sign to knock on the second door so I started to open it and I totally walked into their house... They didn't notice but it was sure a great laugh!! I prayed for bonding experiences and so far!! All of them have been involving my stupidity!! I love it!! :)

My new companion Sister Halverson
We have already picked up 3 new investigators and we have found 27 people who said that they would meet with us. We are just booming already!! It is amazing!!! :)
Massena Chapel

The area is so cute and so small!! Our church building is tiny! But I love it so much! The Branch is amazing and there were 33 people at church on Sunday including the missionaries!! It is sooo small but it is going to grow and grow! We just know it!!!

My favorite investigator so far is Carlina! She is 15 and she has been going to church with some of her friends for a while. She is so prepared and just wants to know that God is there. She is seriously the sweetest. She prayed out loud and it was soo sweet and sincere! I love her so much. I am so grateful that I am able to be here!

We are having countless miracles of walking down a street and we meet someone who needed us and we didn't even know why we were on that street, to just finding so many prepared people. I am so grateful!! I hope that I can write more next week but.. I'm off to go stand on the Canada border!! much love!! Have a great week!!!

Sister DeVries