 Best Surprise Of my LIFE

THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING! So.. I hope that I can explain it well enough so that you can tell just how amazing it really was.
First off, I'll talk about our investigators and the progress that was made this week! :)
Alicia-- We knocked on her door and she let us right in. She is so amazing and has visited Utah and had a Book of Mormon already. We are excited to help her learn more :) It was cool to see though that seeds are being planted a long time ago and that there are so many people prepared!

Kim-- has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and writing so many notes she is great and she really wants to know that this is true. She has been praying every night! I really admire how much people are thirsting for the truth up here in Massena. :)

Sonny and Courtney-- The Elders are going to be teaching them now because they moved into their area! But we are definitely going to still be involved and they are so excited to be baptized!!! :) We also might be bridesmaids soo I'm pretty pumped because I've missed almost all my friends weddings so my chances of doing that in life are pretty much shot! :)haha!

Tina and Phoenix-- we tracted into them a while ago and they said for us to come back! Tina's Phoenix's mom and she has always been interested in learning about our faith but didn't want to force her son into anything and then her son actually asked if we could share a message with him. They are amazing!! They are reading the Book of Mormon as bedtime stories! :) We are so excited to continue helping them! :)
Matt and Tracey--They are doing so well! We had the most powerful lesson with them this week. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and they just felt so much of God's love as we talked about it. Matt has lots of questions, and faith and believing have always been hard for him but he is starting to and willing too. It's amazing how  much the Book of Mormon can change our hearts. God wants us to find the truth and He will not keep us from it.
ERNIE!!!!!! We tracted into him and he was not interested he is wicken. We didn't give up there though and asked him what made him decide to join that religion. He said that it was the closest thing he could find to his native roots. WELL.. PERFECT! We have something for you to read that will help you find the faith that your native roots belonged too!! He is eating up the Book of Mormon now and is really excited to pray and know for himself that it is true. He also is wanting to be baptized by immersion in the way Christ was, so we invited him to be baptized right there. He is so prepared. It's amazing how much the Lord prepares people and how much a little persistence goes a long way.
Alright funny story and then we will end with my favorite news of all---
So we were tracting and we talked with this lady about how God has helped us and then she says "IN DOG I TRUST. 'Nuff Said, goodbye" I felt so bad but I just bust up laughing right there it was the funniest thing I had heard all day!! Man I love the responses you get sometimes!! :)
Now my favorite news, so we were shampooing our carpets when all the sudden we get a call from the New Hartford Sisters. I was like "what in the world. Why would they be calling us?" Well we answer and they said "Sister DeVries, we want to talk with you. How are you doing?" " Good! Why?" "Good well do you know who is getting baptized this weekend" "The BENSONS??" "Yes, Josh is getting baptized on Friday at 3:30. Do you know where you will be on Friday?" We were going to be at Return and Report a Trainers and Trainee meeting in Utica!  **At this point I am just crying and telling them how excited I am for them when all the sudden they say "We talked with President and we want you to stay for Josh's Baptism, and could you give a talk on Baptism?" I was just bawling and I couldn't really control myself I was sooo excited for Josh!! It was a great experience. :) Then when Friday came I was so excited! Sister Anderson and I both got to be there and when they Benson's came into the Relief Society room we turned around and looked up at them and then Gabe came running up to us and gave us both a hug and then I got to hug Aida and Jaidan,  I was just sobbing. Their family has changed my life and it was so exciting to see Josh decided to be baptized. I know that he is going to change lives. Their family is such a strength to me and they definitely are going to be the result of many others receiving this gospel. :)Being reunited with them was the closest I have felt out here to being reunited with family! I love them so much.
I know that this gospel is true! I am so grateful for it and for the Priesthood. I have felt the power of the Priesthood so many times this week as I have received Priesthood Blessings and as I have watch sacred ordinances like Baptism and the Sacrament. This church is true. It has God's original authority on the earth I know that because I have felt it. I am so grateful that God has found me a worthy vessel in bringing so many people to the knowledge of this gospel. Each of them has changed my life and I am so excited to see many more change my life as I continue serving the Lord.

Sister Bailey DeVries:)

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