I mostly love bugs but this week I was a little mad at them..
New York is full of bugs and my legs are covered and I spray off every day so I  don't get bed bugs and I got bit by a wasp/ant/black bee/horse fly thing as I was knocking on someone's door and there are fruit flies all over our apartment but... I LOVE IT! :) The sting was pretty cool too' my arm started to swell and was pretty big... haha!! You gotta love the bugs! Also it is August and we finally hit a high of 85 here in New York :) I love it!!

What a week... :) Man, Missionary work is the life! :)
We saw Tracey and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she really wants to be baptized. She said "Every time you girls come. I feel something. I just see in your eyes and you really believe and that this really has changed your lives and so I know it could really change mine" She feels the spirit so strong she is amazing. She just really wants to make sure she knows that it is true before she commits to anything. She is amazing. :)

We have started to teach many new people. I am finding that so many are searching for more light and knowledge they just don't always know where to go but they are searching so they let us in. Sometimes they don't accept our message right away but I know that there will be a day where they will accept it.

CARLENA!! She is so prepared!! We went to young women's this week and it was only non members there! It was crazy!! So we got some one on one time with lots of amazing girls and Carlena was there so we got to teach her. She is so ready to be baptized we just have to get her confidence in herself up. :)

We started teaching Amy's mom Hope. She is amazing and I love her a lot! She has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! She is such an amazing women!!
Biggest miracle of the week....
BRITTANY--So Brittany is one of Sonny and Courtney's friends and we asked Sonny and Courtney for referrals and they send us to Brittany. She wants to be baptized so we set her to be baptized on August 19. She is so prepared. We met her and gave her a Book of Mormon Wednesday, she has been praying to know its true since then. She came to church on Sunday and told us she has read the first 22 chapters!!!!!! She is amazing!! She is so excited to join this church! She knows that it is true!! So... I LOVE Brittany. I am so grateful that she was placed in our lives.
We then started teaching this guy named Brent, he is hilarious and he is pretty interested but we kept telling him the things we believe and he was like.. Oh I don't believe that I am Catholic... dude... EVERYONE who is Christian believes that Christ was not actually born on Christmas. Then he said "well yeah but Christ did that forever ago when he was alive in like 1800 BC" ... sir ... do you know what B.C. stands for?
Us: "Have you ever heard of Joseph Smith?"
Him: "Yeah I know a lot about him, I have watched South Park"
haha! Some of the things people say to us! It was a great lesson! He actually does want to learn though!! :) SO that is good!!
SHAYLA!!! She was a big miracle too! So we decided to tract this street and no one was home or answering and the houses were really far apart and there was one last house but it was really far down the road but we decided to go because we knew we were prompted we walked up and they are outside so we asked the mom if they would be interested in hearing about Christ and she says no. She is an atheist and no one at her house would want to hear either.  Then her 17 yr old daughter says "I am a Christian and I would want to learn!!" Her mom gave her permission and she ran outside to sit with us! We had a great lesson and she is so prepared she wants to do all she can to follow Christ and I really admire her bravery despite her family being against it.

We got to see Jo and Kirk again! They are the college students!! They are amazing and it was such a great experience!! They really want to know if this is true! We talked about everything yesterday and as we were talking they realized how important this really was to us and how  much it really would change their lives. It was amazing!!
I love Massena! :)
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister DeVries

Zoey and Drew are getting married!!

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