"But.. you know what you can take to your grave..."

"But...you know what you can take to your grave..."


Man, I love the people of Massena! They are just the sweetest! haha! It is kinda crazy some of their ideas... I swear it's a whole other world up here in North Country but I love it! That was just one of the great things that we heard this week!

So Sister Halverson and I have been doing so well. She is doing great and she is an excellent missionary so it is a blast to be with her we just laugh all day long! So it is also super fun to be with her because it rains A LOT here and she always gets SO excited when it starts to rain. It is hilarious! :) But, it keeps us positive. She is amazing! :)

SO this week was insane!! We had the best week ever!  We found 11 new investigators to start teaching which is the most people I have ever found in a week and we are teaching LOTS of couples now so that is really cool!! :) I'll just give you some background on everyone!!

Joel-- a really intellectual guy with lots of questions about the church. We start teaching the restoration and we get to prophets and he says.. so where does Joseph Smith fit in and then he also had questions about the temple. He is really cool we just have to learn how to keep him focused on the right thing!

Sonny & Courtney and baby Landon-- so we found Sonny and Courtney Oyming... we just talked to them as they were loading up baby Landon in the car. They are amazing. :)  They have taken the lessons before but now they really want to start taking them so that they can change their families lives. We are seriously so excited for their cute family!

Stiles family-- they are a PM family the youngest Sariah is not baptized yet so we have been teaching her and Zach her brother the lessons. I LOVE their family! They came to church this Sunday and as they walked in we just got so excited and Sariah runs in and says "we pinky promised" :) I LOVE THEIR FAMILY!! We are so excited to get them all ready for her baptism.

Virginia- She is a recent convert and she is currently the door greeter and she is the FUNNIEST THING ever!! I love her a lot!! It was raining really hard and she said "If it keeps raining like this.. I'll just build me an arc and get to church" She is just the sweetest thing!!

We were tracting one day for a little bit and we tracted into this guy named JORDAN! He was so prepared and we taught him right there on his doorstep!

We found Coorleen, she is a 94-year-old lady who wants to know everything she can about God before she meets him. She is amazing! We are so excited for her! :)

Goodrich family! They let us right in and they weren't interested in learning more but they let us share a message and answer their questions. It was a huge tender mercy though because they reminded me so much of Mom and Dad and then their friends came who were TOTALLY Yvonne and Travis! haha!! It was cool!!

Jonathon-- is a dad that is trying to do the best to help his son. He has hated religion most his life but felt like he needed to give us a chance :)

Amy!!! She is now preparing to get baptized with her daughter Amarianna!! They are the sweetest thing!!! They are so prepared and want to change their lives. They came to church this Sunday and the Branch just loved them!! It was great!

Tracey and Matt--- cute couple who wants to know where to raise their kids!! :) They are super interested too!!

Jo, Bryan and Kirk---That was the coolest experience they are all our age and they are just curious about all religion. Jo is from Greece and she is studying here in NY and Bryan and Kirk are roommates and they are just trying to figure out their life as well. We had the coolest experience with them last night. We found this apartment complex in the middle of nowhere and their door was so hidden but they were so prepared it was so cool. They were ready to learn more about the gospel and they really wanted to find answers and get a good basis for their life. By the end of the lesson, we were all in tears. It was amazing. :)

WE have seen SOOO many miracles this week and we are soo excited to really help those in this area grow!! I love you all so much!! I hope that you have a great week!!!!!


We saw Canada last week. It was exciting but not as exciting as we made it out to be we set expectations WAY to high! haha! :)

ALSO!!! We get Canada products at our Walmarts and there is this thing called WOW!butter! IT IS AMAZING!!! It is fake peanut butter and it is my favorite thing since I'm allergic to nuts.. so now I eat it all the time! :) THANK YOU, CANADA!

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