Hello, my friends!!

I love New York so much!! This week was crazy! So I left Fayetteville and Sister Christensen and that was really hard. But I know that those people are in good hands. I am so excited for them and all the miracles that are about to happen there!!  I am now in Massena. I drove in Wednesday and picked up my new companion SISTER HALVERSON! She is from Mapleton, UT and she makes short films and we are practically best friends. I love her so much!! It has been a blast to serve with her already! also.. she totally came pre trained. She is amazing!! :) WE are just killing it here in Massena! It is great! She is doing really well too. I am so excited for all the miracles!! I'll tell you a few!

So we get to Massena after the 4-hour drive through the beautiful country land and we pull up to our apartments... they were less than exciting on the outside but they look great on the inside so that is good. :) We then go out tracting and finding and we found so many people that first day! The funniest moment though was I was telling her that sometimes people have two doors that you have to open and someone had a sign to knock on the second door so I started to open it and I totally walked into their house... They didn't notice but it was sure a great laugh!! I prayed for bonding experiences and so far!! All of them have been involving my stupidity!! I love it!! :)

My new companion Sister Halverson
We have already picked up 3 new investigators and we have found 27 people who said that they would meet with us. We are just booming already!! It is amazing!!! :)
Massena Chapel

The area is so cute and so small!! Our church building is tiny! But I love it so much! The Branch is amazing and there were 33 people at church on Sunday including the missionaries!! It is sooo small but it is going to grow and grow! We just know it!!!

My favorite investigator so far is Carlina! She is 15 and she has been going to church with some of her friends for a while. She is so prepared and just wants to know that God is there. She is seriously the sweetest. She prayed out loud and it was soo sweet and sincere! I love her so much. I am so grateful that I am able to be here!

We are having countless miracles of walking down a street and we meet someone who needed us and we didn't even know why we were on that street, to just finding so many prepared people. I am so grateful!! I hope that I can write more next week but.. I'm off to go stand on the Canada border!! much love!! Have a great week!!!

Sister DeVries

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