 Stupid Sleek and Shine

So.... both Sister Halversen and I are sometimes dumb... but I am going to share my favorite Sister Halversen moment. I still laugh about this... but she would kill me if she knew that I shared it... so I will embarrass myself as well to balance it out.

So Sister Halversen was looking at her hair and said "AUGH! IT'S SO SHINY I HATE IT!" and she had been complaining about how shiny her hair was for a while then I say... "Well... you do use Sleek and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner" Then..... the biggest look of sudden realization and shock and surprise cross her face and then she says. "Oh my gosh, I have been using that shampoo for 7 years!!!" hahaha!! Best moment of my life! Needless to say, we bought her a new shampoo today! :) It was the funniest moment ever!!

Then... we had protein powder because... well we moved into an Elders apartment and I was like... I think I will make me a protein shake. I start to drink the shake and said in my head "Ew...how do guys eat this. It tastes like pancake batter" Well... later this week Sister Halversen was looking the cupboard and pulled out the protein powder and smelt it then tried a little and said "This isn't protein powder. It's flour" .. Then from the other room, I say "That's why it tasted like pancakes!" haha! She is still making fun of me for it. and... I'm sure you guys will now too!

haha! Man ... I hope you guys enjoyed that! :)

This week was amazing! We have been having the best time here in Massena! :)
We picked up a new investigator named CARMELLO.. he is from Puerto Rico and he is looking for peace and comfort with the loss of all of his loved ones. He also wants to heal from his past. It really hit me this week that it does NOT matter who you are, THE GOSPEL CAN SOLVE ANY PROBLEM and it can heal ALL hearts. :) It was so amazing to help him out.

We started teaching this mom named Hilary! She is really trying to find a church for her kids to attend! she is amazing and we are excited to help her out! :)

COURTNEY & SONNY! Are still doing amazing! They are on date to be baptized on August 29th and they are going to pray about getting married before that!! WE are SOOO excited for them! They are really wanting to change their lives!! They came to church this week too and it was soo great! We also were able to start teaching their friend Cheyenne and man she is one of the elect. She is soooo prepared. I love her so much and she really needs this :)

Amy is also doing really well. She had family come in town this week so we haven't been able to see her a lot but she is still amazing. :)

We had an amazing lesson with Matt and Tracey on the the Book of Mormon and church and the Word of Wisdom. They just had so many questions but it was a really spiritual lesson. It was so amazing. They are really wanting to know if this is true. We are so excited for their family! :)

We started teaching a lady named Kim. She met with missionaries 10 years ago and she still remembers their names because she says that they changed her life. Her kids even remember them and say that they really helped them make good decisions in their youth. It is really cool to see that 10 years down the road the difference you make in the short months you spend with a family can have an eternal life impact. :) It was amazing to be with them.

Last miracle. We tracted A LOT this week... just to keep finding those people and we knocked on a door yesterday and a guy opens and looks down at our copies of The Book of Mormon and says.. "Hey look at that. Just the Book I am looking for" He had just ordered one a few hours earlier and we showed up on his porch and gave him the book.

I love being a missionary. I get to personally see God's hand effect the lives of those around me every day and I know that I cannot ever deny God after the experiences I have had out here!

Love you all! have a great week!

Sister DeVries

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