So... here is a twist. I got a call from President Rogers on Saturday and he left an urgent voicemail. We called right back and guess what.. We are getting Sister Miner! She came out with Sister Halversen. So we will be a trio and I will be double training. It's CRAZY!!! I am so excited though!! So more stories to come, I am sure! :) 
Cool story... This email might be short because everyone at the library in the media room just figured out we are Mormons and they are interrogating us, because they have never seen girl missionaries here in Massena! So... it is super funny!! :) But seriously just a normal day here in Massena I love it!! and the poor Elders.. no one ever cares about them! :( I feel bad!! but.. they can't complain too much because the branch feeds them more then us!! :) haha! anyways!! Oopps... We just got a new investigator! We have an appointment set! Awesome! :) Kinda cool how many miracles come from just having a name tag on! :) 
This week was amazing!! 

So there was this lady that we ran into the first day here in Massena and now we have ran into her everywhere and we saw her one day and she needed help moving and we were able to move her last Monday! When we first talked with her she was so not interest and now she is so softened and hopefully she will want the gospel soon. It was awesome! She said at the end "I've been telling all my friends that God is good and that he works in mysterious ways. Those 2 girls are helping me move now. Have you met them they are so nice" 1 friend said "Yeah. They parked in front of my house the other day" "yeah they knocked on my door" "no! I have wanted to meet them" It's sooo cool! People are noticing us! 
Brittany is doing so well! We also helped her move! she didn't move to PA so that is GREAT!!! :) She is still looking forward to being baptized and SHE QUIT SMOKING COLD TURKEY THIS WEEK!! we are soooo proud of her!! it was amazing!!!!!!!!! :) We had Sister Rogers with us for a night and it was great we were able to really help Brittany understand the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity and at the end of the lesson she just hands us her cigs and lighter! It was amazing! I'm sooo proud of her!!! 
Carlena!! she is getting so close. She totally got an answer that she needed to get baptized but she pushed it aside.. she just thought it was nothing. Her life is full of stress and sad things.. We are hoping we can build her confidence in herself. She is so great! 
We taught Courtney's Mom, Stacy, and she at the end of the lesson said "I am so excited to read this. I know it will change me and Sonny and Courtney's lives" It was amazing!! We were at Walmart today and they saw us and gave us a huge hug. I love them so much!!!  :) 
We got to teach the Mickle's girls and they all came to church this week!! Man that was a miracle!! We have 5 non-member young women at church this week!! it was so great!! we are hoping we keep helping these young women and keep seeing miracles. I love Massena and I am so excited to start this new transfer and push through and see so many miracles!! 
I love you all!! have a great week!!!! 

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